20 maggio 2007

Turns out that...

... the vet said:
1) the lady cat is 4-5 years old
2) she was sterylized, then not pregnant
3) she's mangy because infestated with fungus

Therefore I have become quite obsessed with hygiene both for we human and the other two cats. [I happened to get up at 2 AM because my knee was itching and looked up on the internet on cats' forums for details regarding fungus...]
I spent my Sunday buying hygienizing detergents and spraying vapor all over the tissues in the house (carpets, chairs, couch, beds,...).
To cuddle her I must wear rub gloves and I have to be careful to where I sit and to where she sits/lays.

The only positive thing is that the other two cats don't go near the new lad cat, so that the risk of spreading the infection is low. She is a very sweet cat, well mannered, uses the litter (and asks for it), eat a lot of stuff, ask to play,... The fur is starting to grow and she is becoming really nice and pretty. Naked cats are clumsy, you should see her playing!

I still have to find her a name. Last night I thought about Isadora, like the dancer, shortened Dora. But the decision is not yet final. I would like to wait when the fur has grown back and I can see her in her "usual dress". (Anyway I think she's to old to pick up her new name)

Everyday her furry coat improves a lot, and now she does not look anymore like a French poodle because the fur on the end of her tail is no longer an isolated bun of fur but part of a long and furry tail.

She is taking a pill for her fungus, and she will be doing so for a month and half. Although today she took the second pill only, she HAS some more fur, silky and black and does not look anymore like a naked ape. The vet says she's turning into a complete new cat in a few days and i am really waiting to see her in all her glory. I will post some pictures to make the comparison "before and after", which is the thing I love about TV shopping programs!

In these days she is really weird to watch: her naked belly and her mangy head makes she look really ugly right now. I feel guilty to apply an aesthetic criteria to judge a cat, like those people who spend $$$ to buy a purebred.

Another picture of Dora: her belly is naked but the paws are furry and soft. She looks so small and frail...

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  1. She's adorable! You're so good to be taking care of her; I'm sure she appreciates it in her own mangy way ;)


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