22 maggio 2007

To choose a book

Most of the time the book has a given cover. But if you want to read a classic, let say Jane Austen, you will find at least 5 editions from different editors which are different for covers, font, size, paper. Now, we can leave aside the last three because shopping online does not allow you to search inside the book. (I do like to sniff them, beside.) What about the cover? To me it is very important because i am very lazy, I am the kind of person who can have the same book on the bedside table for more than one year. I feel guilty if i spend money on a think I don't use, then if I buy a book I don't like I feel guilty if I don't read it entirely.
But lately I have been reading a lot because of my sickness (which has gone off for the last three days, hooray!) and I want to keep the habit.

There a lot loads of books whose title are known by almost everybody, but how many people did actually read them? I am not yet in the club, so I wanna remedy.
I want to read Wuthering Heights by Jane Austen and some of the books of the Bronte sisters.
Especially the one by Emily Bronte: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma.
There are also very cheap set with all the Emily's booksn but I love the cover of the Pride and Prejudice edition by Dover Publications. To buy the books singularly will cost more, since the shipping costs are per item. And, furthermore, to order the books separately will cost even more.

But isn't this cover damn nice, is it?

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  1. I have missed you young lady. I love it that you have a lady cat. We have "3" cats!!

    They are so good at keeping company

    Take care,


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