18 maggio 2007

A new cat

On last Wednesday I found a cat in the kitchen, eating together with Rino.
It was mangy, black and small. Rino is black and small, too, so I almost screamed when I went to the kitchen:I thought I was seeing double. I jumped....the cat run away. I called my mom and muttered "a cat a cat!!!! it's black"and she replied "That's Rino!"....and I said "no it is not".
I went back to the kitchen to check if Rino was the other cat left in there and he was.
So there was another cat, it was sure.

By yesterday she sat in our lap, looking for cuddles and food.
Tonight she was walking on my bed at 3AM.
Those two stupid male cats I have, Poldo and Rino, were completely taken off by the mangy cat.
Rino is not even my cat, it is my neighborours'. he started to come to my house since he was a kitten and kept the habit, so now he spends 90% of his time here.
I don't know why he became jealous of the lady cat, this is not even his house and he was eating next to her two days ago!

Poldo, as always, is sad but it is no news to him since he was already step over by Rino. I am happy to have a third cat because I think the mangy cat could balance the feline hierarchy of the house (Poldo can't stand Rino and they keep fightin', refuse to eat in the same dish,...). We will be taking the lady cat to the vet tomorrow morning to have the vaccine shots and ask if someone claimed her back.

Here's a picture of the poor creature, notice the mangy tail with a bum of fur on the top. Looks like one of those poodle old ladies carry around...

I forgot to tell you she is pregnant, so pratically I don't have ONE new cat but 1 plus x cats.

does not she looks like this most famous one?

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  1. Yay for cats! :D As for a cat plus kittens? Wow! I guess it's fair to say, then, that you (erm, your cat rather) are expecting. LOL


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