07 aprile 2007


Venetian house on the Laguna

I love Venice! Here I will post some pictures taken the last time I went there, in 2005. I was visiting family in Padua, so I took a day off to Venice on my own to pay a visit to my grandad's grave. As you know, cars are not allowed in Venice, also because streets are too narrow and there are bridges and all sort of obstacles -I think Venice is not even wheelchair friendly.

Of course, on St. Micheal island (isola di San Michele), the cemetary island, there is an unnatural silence. There are no tourists, no cars, nothing except graves. It is very small. Imagine a small cemetary whose borders are the end of the land you have under your feet. However there is a wall enclosing the cemetary, sort of impressive considering the location.

This is a very special cemetary, in fact they are no longer burying anybody there, since there is no space left. And on every grave there are fake but colored flowers, giving a nice appearence to the sad place. I think the city is doing this to keep an appearence, because I dubt the relatives are visiting regularly St. Michae'ls. My grandad is buried there because he died in the sea, he was a sailor from Fiume (now Rijeka, Croatia).

I love also the small islands snubbed by tourists, such as the coloured Burano. However I had some trouble in localizing the right vaporetto so I ended in Murano (the one famous for glasses) where I took that pic:

I hope l'americano will really go there on Sat and that he will be patient enought to wait for me at Santa Lucia rail station. ;-)

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  1. Anonimo11:08 PM

    I love Venice

  2. Lovely pictures of Venice. The cemetery is beautiful and so peaceful looking.

    Hope you have a great Easter
    Take care,

  3. Someday soon, I will go back to Italy. I've seen very, very little of it, actually, so a trip would definitely be in order.

    I got back from my trip to Portugal and Ireland about a week ago, and I hope to post photos from my trip soon. :D


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