05 aprile 2007

Online experiment: e-business

On this last semester at the university I am attending a course which teaches you how to set up your own business. It is a short course and mostly it tells you which kind of business enterprises there are in Italy. But, most important, the course teaches you to rationally think about your idea, to see if it will stand up, which possible problems you will encounter, where do you have to look, who are you potential customers and your competitors.

I have always been dreaming to run my small company, and I have been thinking also to different kind of products to sell. The fact is, I really like money. And I really like the American dream idea to start from nothing and get rich before you are 30 y.o.
Of course, the definition of "rich" is very subjective...basically "to become rich", for most of the people is to have more money than they currently have.
My definition of richness is having a housemaid to clean the house once a week, and this can make you smile. Anyway, I prefer the idea to fix small steps and achieve small results and then think big.

However to realize the American dream does no longer require to actually move to the other side of the ocean. You can just buy a computer, subscribe to an internet provider, and surf virtually.
That's the most exciting part of it, to me.

In the beginning I thought that company = store. This, of course, is no longer valid. All the small shops of my little town are closing due the presence of the new big chainstores. But being on the internet allows you to be everywhere without the need to rent a place, hire staff, have stuffs shipped around the world.

These thoughts vary depending on the kind of product or service you want to sell. The big obstacle I have to face is that I can't do nothing, except thinking. And sometimes I am pretty good at it. I haven't taken any business course because I am studying engineering, but I cannot even work as an engineer since I have no pratical experience. If nobody hires me, I will hire myself.

After this short (huuuuge) introduction, the big new is:
I have bought a domain with a cool name. I think that - if I can manage it well - it will be worth some money in the future. Instead of think think think I have finally taken an action, and now I will have to face all the concerning problems and issue to make it work. My initial investiment is small, around $120, but of course I don't wanna to throw them directly into the bin. It will take what it will take but I am going to figure how to take the most from it. Now I have to get informed on the advertising I could put on it. I know Google ads only, and for now I don't have too much money to pay a professiona advertising company.

The fact is, my website will provide a service (not products) but to be known I need to put advertising, and to have customers I will need to put some contents (or service).
So, services and contents are strictly bound to each other and I hope to take all the needed steps to achieve my target.

I will write more about this new later, once I will be confirmed as the domain owner.

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  1. Good luck, Paola w/ your new business adventure.


  2. It's cool having your own domain. :D I've got one of my own, for my writing ... www.townshende.com ... this is coupled with my writing blog, which you also know about.

    I pay something like $25 for two years of ownership of my domain name, and $152 per year for the web space I use for my web site. Compared to the income that can be made through such a thing, it really is a small investment. :D


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