04 marzo 2007

There will be a day...

...when the sunday will become SUNday. When there won't be any excercise to make, any book to study on, any exam to worry about.
When I'll be able to spend the afternoon wandering, laughing, eating with friends, when I could even take a little tour nearby.

That day it's coming sooner and sooner. And it will come even sooner if I decide to sacrifice this Sunday to study for Tuesday exam.
Of course, God (o who's there instead) made this a warm sunny Sunday after months of foggy and sad days.

*I don't expect you to comment this post. It's a self-help one. :)

The custest bunny ever. I'll feel like him one year ahead.

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  1. Such a cute bunny! Is your Sunday today??? Hope you're enjoying it :)


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