04 marzo 2007

Sanremo - 57° festival della canzone italiana

You may know Sanremo as a sunny town on the Riviera Ligure, or because of his Casino (in Italy there are only 4 of them), or because its Festival.
In Sanremo, each year is held "Il festival della canzone italiana" (the festival of the Italian song) and this year it was the 57th times. Not everybody loves it, also because there are always the same faces on stage (both showmen /showgirls and singers, too), because it is expensive, because of the artistical lack of taste.

Anyway, the best of Sanremo, to me are the dresses. In Italy there are not so many public events where the camera records the wonderful dresses made by Italian high fashion stylists. This year the female presenter was Michelle Hunzicker, who was born in Switzerland but emigrated to Italy with her mom. She is really beautiful, not vulgar and also cheerful. She is just 30 y.o. and has a lot of experience on the TV arena. Here you are a gallery of her mises at Sanremo.

by Valentino

by Versace Atelier

by Alberta Ferretti

By Gucci (designed by Frida Giannini)

By Armani

The first dress in the gallery costs €290.000 ( $382.500).
My favourite is the one by Frida Giannini with the Swarowsky top and the white long skirt.

3 commenti:

  1. That sparkling Versace.. the black Ferretti... oh my gosh! Whoever chooses her dresses does a magnificent job, she looks stunning!!!!

  2. I like them all enough except for the gold one with the pocket things--a little too froufrou for my taste. My two faves are the one you said and the other, simpler Valentino version, although maybe that's not "elegant" enough for San Remo. Too bad she couldn't cover the tattoo though (this is how I know I'm getting old!).

  3. I dont' like tattoes, either.
    And look really bad when the person is well dressed (see for example also Angelina Jolie)


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