21 febbraio 2007

Our taboos

Out society which claims to be the most advanced and progressive one but has still few taboos.

Sleeping in public is a taboo, except in some circumstances such as at the beach, at the park in a sunny day, on travel devices (airplain, train, metro).
If you see a man sleeping in a park on a cold day you think he's homeless, thus if it is a warm and sunny days it could be someone resting.

Having sex in public is a taboo, however there are public places where people go just to watch other people mating (club privée, nightclubs,...)

Incest is a taboo, but sometimes there is a public story about a brother and a sister loving each other and having babies. For one story known, guess how many are left unkown. The law has no power to break a relationship, but can take away the children for their parents.

Walking naked is a taboo, but there are nudist beaches and even a nudist island in France (where people can go to the Post Office naked, for instance)

How many other taboos can you name?

2 commenti:

  1. A little bit philosophical maybe...
    But often is a taboo to speak out what you really think about people or circumstances.
    Sometimes is a compromise, sometimes just a taboo:
    "I don't like this but what people would think of me if I say it?".
    I hate that stuff.

  2. You have been tagged-check out my blog. You have to name 5 weird things.

    Take care,


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