24 febbraio 2007

I've been tagged: 5 weird things about me

Thanks to Terri for tagging me.
I had considerably difficulties in finding 5 weird things about me. Perhaps my self-esteem is not so low. The better explanation is that I am very rational, therefore everything I do has a reason and to me it is fully understandable and not wird at all. However...


I have been occasionally dreaming to kill relatives but they always survive / recreate themselves like in a Stephen King movie.


I get tremendously nervous before a blind date and I have to prepare myself hours in advance because I know I'll have to pay a visit to the loo as the time of meeting approaches. Nervousism is tricky.

When I was younger I didn't love cat as I do now. I considered them like the pets of the cartoons, the one that run along with you and then sit on your shoulder, or that have magic powers....so I was very disappointed by my actual cats because they were not magic at all. Now I tremendously love them.

I use to dream hard situations in order to solve them in advance. For example: what would you do if your house is attacked by hundreds or snakes or spiders or water? How should I handle an extinguisher? They are everywhere but would you really have time to read the instruction in a hard circumstance? In case of war how would you manage to escape with your cats? would you stay at home and wait to be killed? Or would you carry them with you? If so, how?

I wear ugly & broken underwear and large Bridget-Jones' panties because they are comfty. But what if a rendez-vous come come up? I would avoid it because of my panties, of course!

3 commenti:

  1. I loved reading your blog. the music kept me around..love your choice of songs.
    Congrats again on your working holiday visa. I live in Toronto so if decide to make Toronto your home give me a shout. I plan to pack up and leave this joint in September. I am happy opening the thread helps someone...cheers!

  2. Love the pic of the guy. Ahhhumm.
    You take care and like I said if you ever want to stop by O-H-I-O, you are welcome

    Take care,

  3. Very funny, especially n 2 e n 5...
    Well years ago I had an exercitation on how to use a fire extinguisher so call me in case of fire, I'll be there like Superman!
    Well, in that case I won't need an extinguisher but...


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