19 febbraio 2007

Love on the air

You should have recently heard about the Wantas hostess fired for having had a sexual intercourse with the actor Fiennes.
I have never flied Qantas, just British Airlines and Swiss International airilines and the loos where not nearly able to contain more than one person. And I confess I was not completely comfty in these cozy cabinets.

Or the hostess is really thin or Qantas has huge bathroom. I'm gonna check online and see which one of the two is the true one.
( I swear I saw a website showing pics of the seats and meals of every intercontinental air carrier, so there might be one as well for the bathrooms).

3 commenti:

  1. I heard about that, quite funny!
    But I think there's another solution to your "space" problem...
    Did you think that probably an actor like Fiennes could fly in the very First Class?
    So maybe First Class' bathrooms are really huge!

  2. Well mrselfdestruct has a point. Maybe the first class sections do have more room.

    Can you e-mail me your address?


    Take care,

  3. It's in every newspaper & magazine here in Australia.

    firstly, the girl wasn't that attractive or that thin & secondly, I usually fly with Qantas & the bathrooms are just as small as the other airlines.

    Fiennes flew business class not first & in her interview the flight attendant said it was squashy & she was up on the bench.


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