07 febbraio 2007

2006 meme (a bit late)

Ok, it's a bit late but I wanna fill in this.
I have read this in Italian and I'll be translating the questions into English and reply in English, too. So please forgive if some question doesn't make sense to you. :-)

- Whad did you do for the first time in 2006 that you had never done before? Spent 1 month far from home & abroad
- Have you kept 2006 resolutions and do you have any new for the upcoming year? I don't make any resolution because it's proven that I cannot keep them (and usually forget them by the end of February)
- Has there been any born between the people close to you? My friend Stefania had a daughter e few days before I left for NY. We were in the elementary and middle school together, we played volleyball together for 10 years and for a night of love how life became so distant.
- Was there any death between the people close to you? No, there was none I can remember. But my beloved cat Martino (the original owner of this blog) dissappeared and I still feel a lot his loss.
- What would you like to get from 2007 that you didn't get in 2006? Freedom, aka getting the degree. But it is a 2007 target and could not have been reched before.
- Which date of 2006 will be in your memories? Almost each day of August in NY. But I do remember very well 29th July 2006. I failed an exam I studied a lot for. And also treid to copy during the exam and I was caught. Nothing happened because I didn't score enough point anyway. But my mom told me bad words and I was very hurted and didn't come home until late in the night. She didn't even phoned to know if I was alright.
- Which was the best result you scored in 2006? Surviving a month in NY without having money problems.
- Which was your worst failure in 2006? Wasting time thinking about the dumbass again.
- Did you get any illness or had any accident? Thanks God I just had the car ;)
- Which was your best buy? This is a tough one....I'll be romantic: a ticket to Ellis Island.
- Which event deserved to be celebrate? Friendiship in NY. The Sundays spent with Deborah, a class mate from the highschool who was working in the Bronx on August, too.
- Which event made you sad? The brutal murder of a child in Italy. His guilt was to be crying because was taken apart from his family. He was hit with a shovel and buried in the wood. His father was a poor clerk at the postal office.
- Where did your money go? Travels to NY, in February and August.
- What did touch you deeply? Booking my first flight to the States at 5PM and getting on the plane the morning after. Credit cards make dreams come true. I live 20 mins by car from the airport, what was I waiting for? I just typed my credit card numbers on British Airways booking page....I never felt like after I clicked ENTER and confirmed the booking.
- Which song is going to remember you about 2006? Gwen Stefani's LAMB (Love Angel Music Baby) . To me it is the voice of a lot of young Americans.
- In comparison to last year (2005) are you happier? fatter? richer? All the three. I don't know how but I managed to save money in 2006 although I spent a lot of money in the USA.
- What did you wanted to do more? More exam on time, but I worked hard in September and also now. So now I have only one left behind (plus the ones of this year). Of course, I wanted also better grades, but I am conscious about my limits.
- What did you wanted to do less? Get angry at strangers in everyday life. (and also to not-stranger)
- What did you do for x-mas? I went out on xmas eve only. I drank with my childood friends and laughed a lot. For the rest of the holiday I stayed at home on the couch :D
- With who do you spent most of your time on the phone? Call center folks!
- Did you fall in love in 2006? No, but I spotted several handsome guys in NY.
- How many one night adventures in 2006? None
- Which was you favorite Tv show? Grey's Anatomy. I'm in love with Mc Dreamy. I also ordered the season two from the USA and watched it all in three days.
- Do you hate someone you didn't on the previous year? Yes, a stupid girl that likes to fool people around (men and women)
- Which was the best book you read? "Se questo è un uomo" by Primo Levi. It's about Primo's deportation by the nazi. IT's an Italian classic I was given to read for ages during school and always avoided it. Now I read it because I wanted to and loved it.
- Which was your best musical discovery? Uhm, underground groups on the A train to Harlem. :)
- What did you want and did get? A month in NY.
- What did you want but didn't get? More time in NY and a better place to stay.
- Which were the best movies in 2006? Scarface. I saw it for the first time in NY and it was really interesting to see American with another immigrant's view. Of course I'm not Tony Montana, though.
- What did you do for your birthday? How old are u?
I was studying for an exam or I had an exam. It had been so since I enrolled engineering.

- What thing would have gotten 2006 better? Forgetting the dumbass and hopefully replacing it with a better boy.
- How would you describe your fashion concept for 2006? Brown: not sad as the black, not displomatic as the blue.
- Which personality did fashion you the most? Myself.
- Which political issue did interested you the most? The recognition of gay couples and other family issues.
- Who/what did you miss? Learning new things. Like a new language or new recipes. The stuff I learn at school are not useful in my everyday life.
- Which was the best person you met? A lot of nice people.
- An important lesson of life in 2006: Smiling is free and always brings good things.

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  1. I did this meme too; http://expatsinitaly.com/annika/?p=349 You did a great job translating the questions!

  2. So- are you coming to New York in February? If I understood right? You could come to Ohio where there is nothing to do *smile*

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