05 febbraio 2007

b-day pics

Since someone kept complaining about the missing pictures (I liked to see the b-day ballon of the top of the page, though)....
Here you are three pics from last night b-day party.

Pic one: The cake with candles. It was huge and sooooo tasteful. Thank you Michele, it was a beautiful gift.

Pic two: me blowing the candles out. The pic is a false: I wasn't blowing but jost posing for the picture (we took 5 shots)

Pic three: a wonderful view of a slice of cake. Please note how many calories there are in that!!!

3 commenti:

  1. Looks delicious! Michele did a wonderful job! I hate when my birthday is over too...I think you should put the balloons back up at the top if you like ;)

  2. e aggiorna quel profilo! sono 24!
    (e parla come magni anke) ;)

  3. Happy Birthday! My daughter will be 24 in May. You are a beautiful young lady. Hope you day was fun!

    Take care,


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