10 febbraio 2007


Today I made Tiramisù. I wanna share with you the recipe I used which makes it very easy to be made at home. It takes about 30 mins to be made, but should be let into the fridge about 3 hrs before serving. Then it's a perfect for birthday or dinners since you can prepare it a lot in advance and simply take it our the fridge when it's time to serve it.

Ingredients are very simple:
  • 400g of mascarpone cheese (it should be nor sweet nor salty)
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 2 egg whites
  • a cup of coffee
  • sugar (2 supper spoons)
  • cocoa powder
  • about 200g of ladyfingers
You need a glass recipient, I used a glass oven dish (see pic), a cup for the coffee, a cooking brush to lay the coffee on the ladyfingers, a mixer and two bowl to mix the eggs.

Prepare the coffee with a moka or an espresso machine. Put sugar as you would do to into your ordinary coffee and stir. Add some water to get a long coffee. Set aside. First bowl: combine the yolks and 2 spoons of sugar and mix on high with a mixer about 10 minutes 'til it all becomes light yellow. Second bowl: mix in the egg whites until stiff. Put the mascarpone slowly into the first bowl, always mixing on high. Then add the stiffed egg whites. You should get a soft cream. Taste it and adjust sugar if needed. Please note that ladyfinger have sugar on them, so don't go for a too sweet cream. The preparing is done, now you just put everything together. In the oven dish, make a layer of ladyfingers. Brush them with coffee. (I don't like them dipped) Then spread some cream to cover the first layer. Sprinke the cream with powdered cocoa. Start another layer of ladyfingers. Brush with coffee, spread the cream, sprinke the powered cocoa. Continue until you have filled the oven dish. Put in the fridge for at least 2.5 hours.


Some recipes indicate the use of sponge cake instead of lady fingers. I prefer ladyfingers because you don't have to bake them at home to get a good results, while often industrial-mad sponge cake have a strange taste. Plus, if there are any ladyfingers left you can always eat them later for breakfast.

The classical recipes is with rum. I don't like alchoolic desserts, and they are not liked by children. If you want to use the rum just add it to the coffee.

The powdered cocoa can be substituted or you can add grated chocolate to it.

You can adjust the sugar, the coffe and everything else to your taste. This is a heavy dessert, so don't use too much of everything otherwise after a sponge of nobody will want more.

It can be ate with a sponge or a dessert fork.

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  1. Yum! This is my mum's favourite, when she comes to visit I try to make it. Thanks fot the recipe.

  2. Since you are in Italy, I can suggest to use also Pavesini as ladyfingers. In this recipe I made three layers of Savoiardi because I was given a huge box for xmas.

    And unfortunately I was sooo stupid to use 200g of mascarpone instead of 400g. My mum is still blaming at me. :(

  3. Wanna know something? I have never eaten tiramisù. Now that you've so gently provided the recipe, I just might have to try it. :)

  4. Ooh, I am *so* going to make this soon! I've never made my own tiramisù but I have been checking out the mascarpone lately...maybe a nice Valentine's Day treat :)

  5. it introduces itself well.

  6. Wow-sounds wonderful. Do you mind if I share this recipe on my blog for the American ladies to enjoy?

    Take care,

  7. Share & Taste!! :)

  8. The last time I had Tiramisù was last November, when my girlfriend visited from Portugal. We had gone into Little Italy in Baltimore, where I took her out to dinner at one of the best restaurants there, Sabatino's.

    The fish we had for dinner was absolutely fantastic!

    I've never tried to make my own Tiramisù, however, even though I do enjoy cooking.


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