04 febbraio 2007

Happy b-day

Today, 4th February 2007 it's my twenty-fourth birthday.
I am gonna throw a quiet party over dinner because we are all gonna have another exam on Monday morning @ 9AM. My class mates will be coming along and will take a pizza from a near pizzeria, then we'll eat the cake that my friend Michele made for me.
I have been stressing him the whole week about my cake because he's so good at cooking that I really wanted to taste my perfect cake. So I have filed a list of DOs and DON'Ts of ingredients.

DOs: cream, sponge, eggs, chocolate in all colours, whipped cream, coffee
DON'Ts: liquor, alchool, bitter, fruit of any kind, nuts, puff pastry, shortpastry, ...

Maybe: solid chocolate or sugar

In a nutshell: each slice should have at least one zillion of calories and should melt on the tongue, so nothing solid other than the sponge.


5 commenti:

  1. Happy Birthday Paola!

    From Tony

  2. Auguroni! I completely agree with you on the cake ingredients, btw...have a piece for me :)

  3. Thanks 2 u all!!!!

    And tonight is time to party!!!

  4. mastro1:13 PM

    eh eh!

    buon compleanno..

  5. Happy Birthday, Paola! :D

    Sorry that I missed this when you first posted it. I've been quite a bit busy of late.


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