02 febbraio 2007

I took my own space

Don't take me for an anxious, for an egocentric, for a wannabe.
I have done also a page on myspace, since I see lotta Americans that if you don't have the space you're nuthin'. Most of them are singer, band, vocalist, writers waiting to be discovered. Their presence on myspace is basically advertising and promotion, so they add you also if you didn't express any interest on their music or else. I am already startin' to get bored by this thing because MYspace is not THEIR-ads-space.

But there are things I also like, such as the presence of famous people (as Oprah Winfrey, Nelly, various rappers,...) or the fact you can get a fast insight on the lifestyle of the people of the world. Myspace is a democratic space: both the famous and the unkowns have the same page. Of course they have probably a programmer / webdesigner ables to customize their space in an experienced way and they can also put professional pics and video.

There are a lot, really a lot, of hookers and you can easily recognize them because they say it clearly without too much words.

Myspace is about nothing: a page with your pics, details, your age, your home country, the place where you live, your occupation, and some space you can customize with other things about you. It is nothing special, per se. You just "become friend", sign each other's page and display the friends' pics in your.

I don't wanna bore you too much with my thoughts, so I'll give you the link to my space!


2 commenti:

  1. Love the MY Space- I love that you added music to your blogs. You should know me a little by now. Takes me forever to figure out this blog thing.

    Take care,

  2. Heh. You know, I've got a blog at MySpace, too, but I very rarely use it. I'm more into my Blogger blogs. If you want it, I can give you the link to my space at MySpace.


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