16 dicembre 2006

summary of recently craps and proposals

It's been a while since I haven't written anything reasonable in this blog.

First of all, I don't think I am such an interesting person and that someone may be interested in what I write here.
Second, when I tried to use my blog as a private diary where I could let my anger go, my mom decided to read it and commented my post with "I have never read such craps before".

But recently I was forced to spend some time at home - to rest from too much parties - and I have noticed that almost everyone has his/her webspace or blog or website.

Probably my point is that have been using internet for such a long time and I wrote something like 3 personal websites, two professional websites, one personal blog, one funny blog,... and that was just for fun. Now, it is no longer fun.

I should re-do my personal website because it sucks. I made it with Microsoft Publisher and it is a mess. Also, I should take a step over HTML and try to learn some cool language or at least to find some software to obtain a modern website.

And I stopped to think about moving to the US. I mean, I haven't yet collect the useful information regarding "the move". I haven't yet decided where to take my stage I have to do to graduate. I haven't yet decided on what to write my thesis, nor what to do in my life (except moving).

I have spent most of time thinking that the solution will come to me and I don't think to search for it.

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