16 dicembre 2006

We all need space

It's amazing how many people feel the need to write about their life in their webspaces, blogs, websites,...

I'll try to keep up to date this blog because:
1) I need to make order in my mind
2) I don't like contraddiction but I have a limited memory
3) I wanna make some friends from abroad

If you want to add me on MSN, you can find my address in my complete profile. Just click "view complete profile" and look in the left frame.
You can have a look at my Windows Live! Space at this URL: http://martinoeraunodegliwham.spaces.live.com

You are welcome to join my list!!

1 commento:

  1. Hello fellow Italian. Although I was born in the states; I am only 1/2 Italian but would love to hear from you as a new blog friend. My relatives are all from Long Island New York. I bit different from the city of New york. You are right about Italians and Italian food. :)
    Take care


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