31 dicembre 2006

Presents - part II - the one where the presents stuck in the mail arrive

The last post ended abruptly because I know that my mom pops on my blog now and then and altough she doesn't speak English, she's always my mom and understand always something of what I write. Finally, on the 30th Dec arrived "our" gifts.
For her, the last Badly Drawn Boy's CD Born in the UK I bought on Play.com.

And my Robert Redford collection made by four famous movies I have never seen: Indecent Proposal, The Great Gatsby, Barefoot in the Park and Ordinary People.

Also, the postman left a card to collect the last package containing a xmas present. It is a MP4 player, like a white iPod (like the one I have here on my blog at the bottom right of the page).
It cost me $33 including shipping and it was taught as a xmas present for my mom's co-worker.
Then I had to buy him something else because Italian mail system sucks.
The package was sent on the 12 Dec, it left HK on the 13 Dec and was untrackable for the rest of its journey (it should have been trackable on the Italian mail webpage).
I am so sorry I was away when the postman rang my buzzer yesterday!!! Now I have to wait 'till Tuesday morning, the 2nd Jan. I hope the package is fine and there's no custom to be paid.

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  1. I've presents that I won't get until Jan 2 at the earliest, too. The Italian mail system isn't the only one that sucks. LOL

  2. So has the package arrived? Hope so!


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