02 gennaio 2007

When I love being in Italy

Winter is my favourite time of the year. First of all there are no naked girls with their belly out of the shirt and the thick wool sweaters give a chance also to non-skinny girls like me.
Second, since it's cold you are allowed to eat super-caloric foods because you are supposed to burn more energy.
Third, since it is cold in most part of Italy, the cities are actually crowded and there are more people around because nobody goes to their house by the sea. You can ben sure u'll never spend your evening in a empty place.

Fourth, and my fave, there are January sales.
Italy is divided into 21 regions and they have a different starting date for sales. In Piedmont they start today, Jan 2nd, in Lombardy they should have started on the 8th. Actually, also in Milan there are sales already. This sucks because I cannot enjoy the magic first-day-of-sale more than once in this winter. But it is not stupid at all if you see it on the sellers' side, since I live nearer to Milan - capital of Lombardy - than to Turin - capital of Piedmont. Everybody cheats on sales starting date.
In a mall near were I live, one of the outlet village that arose fast in these last three years, they started a sort of secret-sale on the 26th December (which in Italy is national holiday, Santo Stefano). You had to show a card when you went to the cashier to pay and they made you a discount. You didn't know the discount in advance because nothin was shown in public.

I bought two pairs of shoes and a wonderful bag. It was €400 original price and I bought it for €118. This means I paid $156 a bag valued over $526. I am really happy.
In Italy this is a huge and rare discount. In the USA sales are still real sales. In Italy the economy is crashing and the sales are ridiculous.
Here's my baby by Baldinini (100% leather):

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  1. Oh man, I am so JEALOUS!

    I am addicted to handbags. I LOVE yours. I may cry!


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