18 dicembre 2006

Miami, FL

Now the best choice I cam up with is Miami. I am trying to get some info about it. For example, I'd like to stay there as much as possible, but I forgot one little detail: money!
So, if anyone of you can suggest me a nice & cheap accomodation in Miami, I would be glad to hear!
Otherwise I'll start to keep an eye on Craig's List Miami. To be honest, I prefer Craig's List NYC. At least in the volounters section there were ads about free hair cuts!!!!

Also, on yahoo! weather it is said that the average temperature in March is 20°C...is there any chance to take a sunbath or a swim? Otherwise I'll play my favourite sport: shopping!

3 commenti:

  1. Sunbathing or swimming in Miami in March? Hmm. Admittedly, I've never been to Miami, but I used to live in Sarasota, Florida, which is further north and on the Gulf coast, on the other side of Florida. If the average temperature at that time of year is 20˚C, then the water will be a little cooler than that.

    However, Florida also bears the nickname of being the "California of the East Coast", so I'm sure you'll find both sunbathers and swimmers at all times of the year.

    There is one good thing about going to Florida in March, though — if that's when you're planning on going — and that's that it's outside of the hurricane season.

  2. Miami is a great choice. There is no place in America that will be warmer in December! My Great grandparents (both Germans) settled in Miami and loved it. When I was a small child, we always drove down to Miami for Christmas. Back then it was always hot and we were always at the beach. Of course that was back before Miami was "fixed up". Miami now is a hot spot with great clubs so it might be a bit more $$$$ than it was back then.

    Have a grea time and Buon Natale!
    (we are off to germany, burrrrr)!

  3. I've got a few aunts, uncles, and such that live near Miami. I've never been to visit them though. Shopping is always fun, but I hate the feeling of being completely broke afterwards.


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