20 dicembre 2006

i changed my mind

I know it was just 2 days ago when I wrote those happy posts about going to Miami. But I had to re-think my planning since I have made several considerations:

1) I don't know when my exams will be over. We have a calendar but it's never respected, so I cannot count on the fact that 2nd March is the last date of the exam session.
2) New semester lessons will begin on the 4th March, but this year I have a couple of "strange" exams which might have compulsory attending or early tests. Of course, I will discover it when I'll attend the first two lessons.
3) The USA are across the Ocean, so it is not a short trip and this leads to staying there at least 10 days, which is way expensive.
4) In March I'll have to think about my thesis, seriously!!

So, thanks to all the people who shared their thoughts and suggestion about my vacation in Miami but the dream is over, ladies and gentlemen.

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  1. Ah, that's too bad. :(

    I hope that one day you're able to make a trip over here, no matter where you decide your destination will be. There are lots of nice places to see and things to do.


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