17 dicembre 2006

Nice present from Alitalia

Alitalia decided to do one right thing: discounted flights to be booked before 21st December and for flights from 30 Dec 2006 to 30 March 2007 (last departure date).
I was planning to go there after February exam session but I haven't yet the calendar.
So, I will probably pick up a date now in the early March and keep my finger crossed.

Milan Malpensa - New York JFK for €427 seems a nice deal, considering that it is a direct flight and that the plane leaves just round the corner ( I live a 20 mins ride by car from the airport).
My friend Deborah, whom with I spend several weekends in Manhattan on last August, was not very satisfied with her flight with Alitalia. As we talked and compared our flight ( I flied Swiss and British Airways), mine was much more better with a lot of entertainment: movies, radio, games, ...

Plus, if I book this flight I will get miles reward to have another trip for free later in the year.
USA I'm coming back!!!

*update: I saw that there is a promotion also for flight to Miami and since tha average temperature in March is 20°C I have decided to give Miami a try! €467

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