20 dicembre 2006

Is it planet of the apes?

Today I was fairly upset. I had been friend to one of my classmate since a few weeks and now I can't stand him anymore.
He's the kind of people you "know" because you're both part of the same company or class, or course. You chit-chat and do general talks regarding the job/course/school but you are not really friend with him/her. So, when I say we have been friend since a few weeks it means that we have came over that simple "I know you" stage and we got closer and are also "friends". This involves also meeting outside the university circle, for example doing things together such as going to parties, shopping,...
Well, he told me he had different thoughts about me before knowing me and that he likes the kind of person I am. In fact, he likes my kind so much that he started to emulate me. I know it is awkward and that someone could be scared. I find it very uncomfty. I don't wanna look around me and watch me in the mirror.

I like English and read in English, so he started to, too. And he wrote me a text to let me know he's turning into me -ARGH!!!
I love to go to a certain x-mas party he never went to. But he found the way to come, too, this years. And the tickets were sold out. [I spent the party avoiding him, btw]
I like to travel....so he proposed to travel together. I like to travel alone.
And if I can't stand him 6 hrs in the class how could I possibly spend a holiday with him?
Monkeys do emulate people! Is it planet of the apes - the remake of?


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  1. pola.here's brizio.first sorry for my bad english during this my comment.i have just read your post.i think to know that nik is the people of your uncomtable standing.. i think that there's a misurderstanding..i'm sure..take a look of my 4 little considerations:
    1) nik don't have different thoughts about you but simply don't know you like i don't have the way to say: i know manuel cirelli..
    2) nik likes very much your wondefull,simple colorfull,amazing,funny person..every moment that he spends near you is a way to learn and to have what he's looking for..entertainment
    3) today he was very scared of your cool behavior and asked me the reason..i don't have any idea..
    4) he wants to share sincerely your passion to have trip around the world

  2. He wants to emulate you? Hmm. Just think of yourself as a blazing trendsetter. :D

    Besides, it's one thing to have something in common, and quite another for someone to pretend to have something in common for the purpose of... well, we know where that's going, don't we?

    It's inevitable that our friends will have common interests, but it becomes disturbing when it becomes deliberate emulation, or when it seems as if everything is held in common. That's practically impossible. Having differences is a good thing. It makes life more interesting.


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