20 dicembre 2006

Do we really want to remember all of this?

Pictures, videos, blogs, emails....all these stuff will be with us forever. But do we really want to remember all the things in our life? Isn't there the risk to get stuck in memories and take back old stories now and then? Or perhaps this could help us to set an order in our life and learn from mistakes?

Like "in the past" when you split up with someone you weren't happy to find his/her stuff or photos around for serendipity... try to imagine this thing several hundreds times bigger!!!
Digital pics are free, email is free, videos are free.....webspace where upload your thoughts is free.
And it will be coming back to you. Or perhaps someone will find out something about you you forget. Something buried in the past but alive on the www. This is frightening!!!

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  1. Some things are better left forgotten. Period.


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