29 settembre 2006

What you study is not necessarily what you like to do

Once upon a time...very very far from now, in Italy you chose the faculty you liked the most.
Now the situation is fairly different:
  • there are no more vacancies
  • the age of retirement is increasing
  • there is no R&D
  • you graduate when you are at least 25 y.o. and have no previous experience
  • a pizzaiolo and engineer earn the same wage
  • ...
So, when you have to choose which faculty to attend you should ask yourself three questions:
1) Is a degree required to have better chances to find a job or for personal esteem?
2) If I wanna learn something should I really attend courses at the university for 3/5 years or can I just read books on my own?
3) Am I really that good in that subject?

When I was in the high school I had always been thinking to study philosopy. I liked it, I liked it a lot. I found it deep, well structured, with smart people. Then I realized that in Italy a degree in philosophy does not add any point to your CV. Then I enrolled at the engineering faculty. I think I want to know more about philosopy because I like it and I am curious. I can learn about philosophers reading their books and philosophy books. I don't need someone to demonstrate to that I know what maieutica is or what different said Jung than Freud.
I wanna know it for my personal culture, not to be judged.

It is not so strange to think about attending a faculty which is hard but gives you better chances to find a job. Job is sacrifice, is something you don't always like to do. So study is. Studying is already a work, or to say it better, it's a workout.

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  1. .. and yet, you have to like what you work with or you'll get bored and eventually grow to hate it.

    I reasoned the exact same way you did - until I had initiated three different educations without bearing to finish them, and until I had tried five different jobs that I didn't like "because at least I had a job" and I thought that it didn't matter what I worked with as long as it gave me a paycheck in the end of the month.
    That's when I decided that enough was enough, and decided to pursue a profession in a field I LOVE - and boy is there a difference! To be interested is not enough, you have to be passionate. But of course it helps if the job you love is also a job where there are job openings...


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