29 settembre 2006

Can SEX be an hobby?

I subscribed to an online community of my university. It is a half-official forum where you can subscribe to get in touch with other students of your university, exchange infos on the bureaucracy or the courses. Each user has his/her own profile with name, surname, age, height, city, date of birth, hobbies,...
There is personal messaging, too. Several boys contacted me through this system to "make new friend" ( a phrase I hate, as if it were possible to MAKE friendship...it just happens, like falling in love). I also met another cool girls and when we make our chit-chats it always comes up that the same boy contacted the both of us saying the same thing. (This happen more than once, so I have the right to generalize)

Well, I know I am a bit of a rough person. I have a bad behaviour and get easily in bad mood. I decided to give men another chance. Last night I was pretty bored and I was spending another evening at home with my notebook. I decided to search on the community for someone to chat with and read the thread where everyone posted his/hers MSN contact. Well, there were about ten boys. Eight of them had in their profile "sex" as an hobby. Instinctively I discarded those animals. In fact, how can sex be an hobby?
A hobby is something you like to do because it makes you relax, have fun, think positive. Making sex is something natural, like breathing, walking, thinking and falling in love. It just happens. No way you get up one morning and say to yourself "well, today I have nothing to do. Why don't falling in love?"
It's something weird. I won't even try to see something positive in considering sex an hobby. It's something a sex addict can say, but not a normal person.
I do think about sex and love, I think about the both of them because I don't love anyone and I don't have a bed-friend and I wonder if/when I'll get one. It's not something I am looking for, because if it is going to happen it will happen!
Sex-toys can be hobbies, not people you sleep with.
So, sex-hobbists, buy an inflatable doll and piss off!

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