05 settembre 2006

I learned that...

... normality is neither a fact of nature or statistics. It is normal to marry once and have 2 children, but you can't say that the most of the people do so.
So it is not normal to wear an Italian size 42 because it is not true that Italian women wear size 42 the most.
It is not normal to have a top model body and it is not worth to diet for ages.
It is not normal to be straight, the major part of the people have had at least 1 bi-sexual experience in their life.

In New York normality does not exist.
There are people very small like the Chineses, other very big like the Americans.
There are dark people, mulattos, white, asiatic, arabic, native american,...
There are thin&short and big&tall, but also small&tall and big&short.
American sizes are from 0 to 18 in the larger stores.
Of course you can find sizes like the 30 or more.

You cannot feel not-normal there...because normality does not exist!

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