19 settembre 2006

Launching an experiment on the web

Together with a friend who is always complaining of my bad attitude toward men I am doing an online experiment. I have subscribed to meetic, the single community where more than half of the subscribers is married and looking for a lover. I have put the true details about my self but he will be writing on my behalf. In this way I wanna demonstrate that is impossible to find someone with true and sincere interests for other people.

Strangly, I have finally come to the conclusion that the internet and the chats are profoundly misunderstood by people.
Follow me in this and you'll discover why.

If you want to fuck someone you go out to the disco, drink something alchoolic, dress cute and spot someone who attracts you. Since sex-done-so is just a matter of attraction, there is no better way to find someone you like (by appearence, I mean).
While in the chats you can't see the other person you are talking with, the intellectual aspect is privileged. You can eventually try to get an idea on how the other one looks like with pics (if they are really his/hers) or a webcam.
Pratically, as you all have noticed, when in chat the first things you are asked are the ones I call shag-index. They will ask you your age and where you come from just to see if you live near enough to meet in person and worth to go out with. The following questions are about your marital status, if you are engaged, what is your attitude toward sex and meeting.

So, 95% of people chatting spend their time looking for someone to shag. Which is substantially repeating the questions above all the time, tryin' to get a picture of the other person and watch them on the webcam. A lot of time, energy and resource wasted.
If think about how much a computer cost, you would probably agree with me in saying that is not worth the expense just to find someone you like phisically to hang out together.

Now, I hope I made it clear on how a chat is about.

Another interesting point I came to last night, is that you can't have a people unless you teach him/her something. I think all of us have ever had a date we remember about but only if we force ourself to think about him/her (when coming to think about our exes). But we will remember vividly about the one who teached us something. For example the boy who taught us to skating, free climbing, playing chess, or whatever thing that we sometimes encounter again in our life. We will always remember who told us how to place our feet when dancing salsa, or about the time you learnt what this-or-that, or where you first saw something (on holiday together).

This last point explain perfectly why I keep answering "culture" when someone ask me what I am looking for in chat.

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