05 settembre 2006

Back home

And finally I had to come back home.
If you followed my adventures in NY you will be up to date, otherwise I write only that Ii had an expensive and stressfull holiday in NYC.
However, although I nothing of the typical summer holiday, I am very satisfied with my experience abroad and I don't care if have spent in a month what I usually spend in year.
New York is a beautiful city and I am still in love with it. If you have an indipendent temper, you know that it is hard to be with other people without gettin' angry and frustrated.
The best way to know if you two are a match is to spend as much time together as possible, since you usually hang out with someone to live together a day, marry, have children, spend all your spire time with him/her.
So, to me have a month in New York was the best way to see if I really like that place or if I just had a crush (I went there on last February for the first time).

I loved Macy's, middle-class store in Herald Square, and I went there more than once in a week.
I loved the polite people who always smile at you and ask if they can help.
I loved the junkie food although I walked so much I didn't gained a pound (thanks God!).
I loved the subway which carry you everywhere from the beach to the hills, to the fashion avenue to Wall Street.
I loved the USPS postal service, their quick, reliable and cheap service.
I loved amazon who allow to get some cultured in your mailbox for the price of a breakfast.
I loved the stores open until 22 p.m., the deli open 24/7, the place where to have lunch whenever you felt hungry.

I loved New York!

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