14 luglio 2006

Is it possible to live without your hairstraightener?

I had to buy a transformer to use my hair straightener in the US.
My hair straightener is one of those appliance I couldn't live without.
I bought it on eBay one year and half ago from Tracy, a girl in the UK. I had it delivered to my hotel in London during a vacation and it was a huge deal. It's a Tourmaline T3, which is the best ever.
He works with 220-240V voltage and 50-60 frequency. Unfortunately it does not support the 100V American voltage. Thinking about me, it makes me sad because it is the only electrical appliance that will use the transformer I bought. My mobile and my notebook both acceptes also the US power supply.
So I had to buy a $50 transformer just to have my hairs done. Plus, I bought a transformer which is not suitable for my hairdrier (up to 2150 W, while the hair straightener is up to 1250W) because it is a 1500W one.

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