11 luglio 2006

Everything is settled down.

I booked the flight yesterday afternoon and I have paid the room in the evening. Since I am planning to keep a diary of this desired trip I will write down a few line since now.
You see, when you are going through particular period you may not be in the mood to talk about it. Perhaps it is one too good to have time to keep a diary, perhaps is too bad and you don't wanna to think about it.

When I went to visit Croatia in 2002 I was in a reflexive mood. I had excaped from Italy because I needed to "stay alone with my self". It was December, it was cold and I had decided to leave in 12 hrs. I didn't know what to do and where to go, also because in winter there is nothing opened in the summer places.
So I made a lot of pics and they now are a wonderful way to remember that period, those thoughts, the adventure,...
I wrote an email to my aunt Ketty to tell her everything about the trip to Dubrovnik and these words are partially deleted from my mind. But I will always have that email to renew the feelings.

That's why I plan to keep a diary during my experience of life (I prefer to call it so than "holiday") in NYC.

Outbound flight: 1st August 2006 from MXP
Inbound flight: 31st August 2006 from JFK

I have found a room in LES (Lower East Side) in Manhattan through Craiglist. I am going to share the apt with two girls from Boston.
Erica is my same age (23) and Bonnie is 24. They have just moved to NY to work.
I hope we can hang out together sometimes.
I am emailing with Erica, I will meet Bonnie once I arrive.

Of course thinking about 5 exams in the next 17 days is not easy when you are conscious that you are going to have the best experience ever in 20 days!

I have not decided whether to keep this blog in English for my International readers or to turn in Italian so that my family can understand what I write.
I might write in both languages but it requires a lot of time and vocabulary I don't have.
Plus, when I spent a week in NYC on last February, I almost forgot Italian once I came home. So I have not decided if go into an English full immersion or to stay bilingual.

Anyway I am so relieved I have finally settled all these things. I can entirely dedicate myself to study (please don't laugh....)


Here's the most symbolic picture taken in NYC on last February. Awful "tall cappuccino" with edible "vanilla cupcake" muffin. (my American friends, please forgive me these adjectives...) My Starbuck's everyday breakfast.

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