15 luglio 2006

Tom Ford: he's my man

I lost my Bulgari singlasses one week ago. I have searched for them everywhere but I am afraid I lost them in the streets, so there is no way to have them back.
After a week in anger, I decided to buy a new pair. My God, it is so hard to find a nice pair of sunglasses these days! There are so many brands, sizes, colour, kinds,...

But I knew Mr. Ford made a cute serie for this summer. He's new to his new brands, and I take this as a positive facts because he worked for the most famous brands in the world (remember Gucci?) and now he feels so creative and powerful to make his own's.

I browsed on eBay to get some price of TF sunglasses. In Italy they cost half that in the US, since Mr. Ford have the sunglasses made here. I paid €150 (on sale, 25% off), while in the US they cost $300.

So , here's the pic of the day.

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