20 maggio 2006

Sad Saturday night, again!

So, it has been three weeks since I have my old dad's car. This means that I can take the car whenever I want and go wherever I want. I could take the car and go to have dinner in Milan, or spend an afternoon on the Ticino River, or go to a sport event, or simply go out one evening. Or i could take the car, drive for 50 km to meet an extranger and have a crazy night...no I'm not the type.
Instead, it has been three weeks since I spend my evenings at home, because it seems that everybody should work or go out with his/her bf/gf or is too tired to put a step outta home.

Well, let's focus on the car. I've broke something, but nothing serious... - I mean, until my daddy won't find out about this and decide that it IS serious and I should pay for it. This is the first time in all my life that I can enjoy a stereo in my car. Of course the CD player was taken out and I have only a radio and a MC player. I am so happy about this, but I should remark that the only MC I have are dated back to the 90'ies when I listened to Walt Disney soundtracks or Michael Jackson.
I don't even have an MP3 player, except the one on my cell but I don't think I have the cable to connect it to the car. So....It's a night of thriller.... thriller night!

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