09 maggio 2006

Let's have another post on this blog

Since I started this blog I have always wrote less and less then finally stop it at all. Now, I am not so stupid to promise I will write more in the future but I decided to write two posts today, which is almost a record.
One of my favourite singer and composer is Peter Cincotti. He's almost of the same age as me, from Manhattan, piano player and jazz singer. Leader of his jazz band named after him, performed an outstanding concert in Bollate (MI, Italy) on last July. I was there and it was my first concert. Of course that was not the kind of concert with people bodies everywhere, sweating, screaming, pushing and singing. There were about 200 people and 50 people from the staff. Seat numbered and silent public. Peter Cincotti made me cry like a teenager with his passion, music, voice and words.
If you may be interested, check out Peter Cincotti's website.!

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