20 maggio 2006

Wi-Fi, HD, DVD-ROM, cross cable...all is working fine

I bought my D-Link wireless kit on last summer but I wasn't able to use it until last month. Strange but true, the automatic configuration worked only after months of attempt, mostly because my ignorance and patience to get a proper IP address.
So now that I have my own wireless network and I have set my notebook and my wonderful HP6840 wireless printer I could walk all over my 70mq apartment and connect to the internet or print documents without any cable.
But of course, the best thing always come late, in fact the battery of my notebook works 20 mins withouth plug. So i am still relying on cables.

Then I decided to boost my mom's computer and I bought her a 250 HD by Samsung for mom's day. Of course whe couldn't care less because she uses the computer to do 4 things:
1) download the bank bill
2) check home bills
3) search for the latest book available at the bookstore
4) play

To her, a 10GB hard disk will suffice.

Then I decided to buy the damn DVD burner Dual Layer.
Well, it works but it is not lightscribe.
I found a big deal at the supermarked a couple of months ago: a Lightscribe DVD burner for less than €40.
But the staff was so unpolite and the price was missing ( I read it on the sm paper but the real price is the one shown on the shelves) so I decided to leave it there.
Little error.

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