15 ottobre 2009

Totally turned into a Google-gal

I have been using GMail for ages, since it was available for the Italian user. It was 2005, I clearly remember it. At first I was a little taken aback since it was a completely different way to manage you e-mail, but now I am hooked and since a couple of years I totally switched to webmail.

The feature I love the most is the thread-like structure, because I just need to scroll the page to read the previous messages, the various e-mails from the various people.

At work we MUST use Outlook, which means that I have an incoming box full of thousands of messages and that I have to spend hours to move them to the appropriate folder. As a result, after a couple of years I have something like 200 folders, and often I forget I already create the proper folder, so end up having three folders about the same subject...and when I look for a message I can't still find it.

How is it possible to use Outlook like Gmail? If someone has the slightest idea pleasepleaseplease answer me because I am getting really tired with Outlook, it is so time consuming and you still have to keep a lot of stuff memorized. I am starting to see the e-mail like a drag, it would just simpler to keep everything in my mind withou having to sort all the email messages.

It seems my prayer were listened to. Fantastic article with a sort of solution HERE.

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