14 ottobre 2009


I am at the office and I feel the urge to write on my blog. I have no particular stuff to tell you but also too much stuff to write about. Anyway this is not important since this blog exists for the sole purpose to leave me able to write a little, vent off and keep together the curious stuff I read about over the internet.
I am actually experience some painful moment at the office, as I don't see clearly where I am heading to, what job I am doing and what will be next. Ops! I forgot to tell you my yearly contract is going to be off later in January, so I am probably starting to chicken out.

I really believe one should be ready to reply to the question "What's your value in your company?". I think I read about it on a help book for businesswomen, "Nice girls don't get the corner office". It is an interesting question: how could you pretend your boss justifies your presence when you're the first to feel useless or simply not worth it?

Seriously, I believe this company is giving great opportunities and has a high growth potential - it is a 5 years old company, so there is plenty of space for those who want to grow and proceed in their career. Unfortunately it is not a company made from scratch, indeed was previously a public utility company, with no competitors at all for over 60 years.
You might guess what's the feeling in the lower offices... Easy it goes.
Next step is taking the managerial layer, which are younger, have travelled, know languages and have the assignment to take this company on, improve the efficiency and process (and I am talking about efficiency and process as managerial features, not regarding the machinery).

There is a strong break between the managerial ones, those who really can change their professional life working here, and the lower ones, mainly office staff who cannot advance in their career and see no point in improving their skills. They have been working the lazy way for 40 years, they would not change all of a sudden just because the new bosses are younger, intraprendent and willing to do more.

From another account, I have to say this company itself, at the managerial level, is still acting the old - public - way, with no extras for those who apply themselves and make the difference. The bonus is expected every year and by everyone, so that it is no longer a bonus but a standard extra-wage given on June-July.
Plus, there is no real structure or career path for the lower level. They are employed and count on staying at the same level forever, as there are not so many levels in my company, and most of them are reserved to graduate people.
For this same reason there is no tutoring or training, not even for the newly employed.

They just let you flow and hopefully absorbe some of the stuff you come across. Casually.

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