25 giugno 2009

Italian politics stink

It's not a case that I never met a foreigner that loves Berlusconi. Therefore I am starting to believe that there should be some sort of blindness among the Italians, and they are unable to see what is going on and re-elect the Little Dwarf (as the opposition calls him).

Recently there has been a sex scandal involving "our" President. Some goodlooking ladies from the South declared they were paid to attend Berlusconi's dinner in an institutional building. They said they flew from Puglia to Rome to sit at the table with Mr. B., that there were about 30 ladies all dressed in black, and that Mr. B. entertained himself with them.
They saw the main moments of Mr. B.'s political career, like him meeting important people, all accompanied with the hymn of Mr. B's parties "Meno male che Silvio c'è" (Luckily Silvio is here). The ladies all moved their arms with the music, and Mr. B. gave them precious little gifts such as bracelets, pendants, necklaces,...

As you know, Mr. B. is sort of Murdoch in Italy: he owns most of the TV channel, of the magazines and newspapers. As he is in charge as the political leader of Italy, he now holds control even of the public televisions (other 3 channels).
All of his TV channels never reported about the sex scandal, and of all the 3 main public channel, only RaiTre talked about it during the News.

The Vatican is coming strictly at him, so Berlusconi said (to one of his magazines, of course) that these girls are paid from his opponents and that he has never ever paid a woman, because "it would be no fun".

I happened on a page on facebook against the very-righty newspaper "Libero", of Berlusconi's camerade.

In red "Sex in the ballot boxes"
in big "We are all Berlusconis"
in Italics "Not to lose these last elections, the Left Party focus on the bed affairs. But Italy is tolerant. Anyway, only a few can cast the first stone."


In the meantime one of the girls involved in the scandal was burglared of all her clothes (anybody remembers Monica Lewinsky?) and another one's car took fire last night.

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