28 dicembre 2008

DVD protection & Sony VAIO

One thing I hate is putting boundaries to culture. As some of you might know, DVDs from around the world can only be played in certain zone, as they have restricted use across the globe.
There are 6 areas: North America (region 1), Europe (region 2), Australia (region 4),... and so on.

The restriction is a mere software thing such as you cannot play a DVD unless its region matches the region of your DVD player. I have bought loads of DVDs in my travels and some I bought over the internet as they were cheaper.

With my new notebook, a Sony Vaio FW21E, there was no software to play my DVDs from various regions, nor I found a firmware to replace the original locked one. The computer kept asking me if I wanted to switch region and that I had fewer and fewer region switches left.

By chance, I came across a way to play any DVD on my VAIO, regardless of its region.
I downloaded DVDFab, a software to copy DVDs. It has a preview mode for each video track of the DVD, just pick the longest one which is the movie itself. The shorter ones are the various titles, trailers, promos, extras,...

Double click on the preview windows to go full size. use the right button of your mouse to select different languages or subtitles.

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