18 maggio 2008

The mess

I don't know what has been going on my mind recently. Do you think it is possible that what you had been studying for 5 years suddenly fades away within a year?
Well, wether you believe it or not it has actually happened.
My mind is blank, completely cleared of all the basic principles of physics yet alone the specialistic ones I have been studying at the university.

All the notions I piled up just to get a grade disappeared like the smoke of the caterpillar in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
I did a huge mistake at work. Nothing that made lose something other than my face, but still a mistake so gross that even in the highschool I could have missed without hesitation.

I did fall back on a basic concept of unit measurement. That's the first chapter in every damn school book, from mid school to university. Yet I did it.

I didn't remember the definition of entropy and of entalpy.

It took me 20 mins to solve a simple circuitry problem in CC.

But I can give reasonably question regarding complex regulations of thermoeletric power plants. I can easily reply to my questions, too. I can think about possible solutions with people with 30 years of experience in the field.

So how it is possible that I skip basic math and physic?! And more important: how am I going to pass my P.E. next month?

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  1. You'll do fine, Paola. I had the same sort of feelings when I left tech school in the Air Force, and was sent to my first assignment. I wondered if I would remember everything. I worried about what would happen if I screwed up. We all make mistakes. You can't help it, especially when you're at a new job. Even the most basic stuff. The important thing is that you learn from it, and it sounds like you did.


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