24 maggio 2008

Great news!

I am chatting over the messenger with a former classmate from the university who just told me he is gonna work for the biggest company in the energy/petroleum field.
At the uni we shared the same passion over power plant and dreamed to work in a company such as the one where I work now or, better, one where he is gonna work in 15 days.

After the uni he sent several CVs to companies in this field but none replied. Indeed, he got an offer from another big company in the power distribution for a place in the PLC division. This was not really what he wanted to do, but since the idea of staying at home for months was not appaling at all he accepted. And now he got this phone call from the big international company offering him to work on the platforms all over the African and Mediterranean shores.
Needless to say he resigned from his current position, and he was offered even more money. But that was not the job we dreamed about, so there was no chance for him to stay where he was employed.

Now he is going to leave for Germany, Scotland, Egypt, Croatia, Serbia, Iran, Ivory Coast, Nigeriam...
I am so happy for him and I am also aware that women aren't offered such positions. There is a slight bitterness on the bottom because there is nothing so big ahead for me. Should I resign, too, and look for something else?

I am the less paid among by former classmates and I don't think I am gonna get what everybody seems to get so far.
To give you some example:
- Biggest study & research instuitute of electricity in Italy, who does analysis and report and certification for power plants, industrial plants, etc - €1400 net per month, 14 monthly wages per year, 18 months contract
- Researcher in the best politechnic of Italy - €1100 net per month, 4 months
- Company that owns power plants, smaller than mine, €1400 net per month, 14 monthly wages per year, 18 months contract
ME > Internship in a power plant, 6 months, €880 per month.

My boss says he is working to keep me here, that he is also trying to make me get some more money (didn't quantify this pay increment nor the kind of position). My internship will end ont he 30th June but I will sto going there sooner, probably on the 18th June because I have to prepare for my P.E..

I won't say nothing because now I need to stay calm and prepare for my PE (which is on the 26-27th June). I will think about the offer I will be made later.
Another idea is popping in my mind: take the plane and fly to the UEA. I already told you I have a friend living there (for job).
I am afraid to get stuck here in a small environment just because I am afraid to take the plunge and leave home.

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  1. I don't recall if I ever told you this or not, Paola, but a decision I made when I decided to go into the military 27 years ago had a... well... let's see what you think of this...

    When I first looked at joining the military, I had planned to join the US Navy. When I took the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test, I qualified for every position in every branch of the military. Instead of joining the Navy, though, I joined the Air Force. The result?

    The result is that I have spent the last 27 years working in telecommunications. It's been a good career, and it has certainly paid me well. In this field, I think women are not only far better paid than in many others, but I also think the pay is far more equal than in others, too. It may not be equal in every respect, but I think this is a good field for women.

    What would've happened had I joined the Navy? You might like this...

    I was slated to become an ET. In other words, an "electronic technician." But in what field? In their NUCLEAR POWER field. So, had I joined the Navy, instead of working for some telecom company, I now would be working for some power company instead, and I would very likely also be making even more money than I am now. Based on things I've heard, plus the fact that I've an old high school friend who followed the path that I chose not to follow, I know that work in the power industry can pay even better than telecom. I can't say, however, how well women are paid in that industry, since I'm not involved in it, but I wouldn't doubt it if women do well in the power industry, also.

  2. Hey Pola, its a big decision to make but I say go for it. You will not regret taking the plunge. As you know I left a lot to move to Italy and have not regreted it one bit. Its only those how are afraid to make mistakes who don't make changes in their life. Stay WELL!


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