18 novembre 2007

Updates on the move

Hello folks!
I haven't been writing too much lately but I have been spending 11 hours a day at the office. My thesis does not really require so much effort, but I discovered I really like the engineer role in a power plant (except for the meetings, to whose I am partially exempted since I'm not hired).

I am going there for free and mostly collecting material for my thesis. Anyway I spent 30% of my time chatting, 30% learning new things not related to my thesis, 30% working on my thesis and doing some stuff for the plant. For example, my thesis is about the documental flow related to the building of a new combined cycle power plant (CCPP) and I made a few tables to keep track of the manuals already arrived, of the functional tests planned,...

Really small stuffs but I enjoyed them a lot. Also, my job is apprecciated and my boss would like me to stay. Unfortunately he's not the one the decision is upon. Anyway, as you might remember, I have a 6 months VISA to enter Canada to be stamped before the end of December.

Would I stay if I was offered a job here, in the power plant next home? Who knows! Until I don't receive a formal offer I am not called to decide and I won't. There is a new big project coming along in 2008 and I really like to follow it from the beginning, because this is the field I love the most but am I really going to give up to the move?

Anyway I am pursuing my move to Canada, because if I am not offered a job here I will end up without a job and a VISA out of date.

The move

I have never moved in my entire life. I moved when I was 5 years old and I didn't even realize it. My parents got separated and went to grandma's. I was told we were going to stay with her "on holidays" but it's been 18 years and we're still there. And I was in charge of nothing since I was a child.

This time is different. I still have to book a flight, which are pretty expensive during x-mas holidays. I still have to find a place to stay. I am looking through Craig's list but it'r really risky to pick a place you have never been to and roomates you have never seen.
I am thinking to stay at a hotel or B&B for the first 10 days while I look up for a room in a shared flat. But are people really showing flats during x-mas holidays? Aren't they back at their parents' or away on holiday?

I have also thought to land in Seattle and then pick a bus or a train to Vancouver. If I might choose freely, I would stay in Seattle. Don't ask me why....I might reply "because it's the home of Grey's Anatomy!" and you would tell me "don't you know it is entirely shoot in California?". And you would be damn right!


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  1. Decisions decisions. To be offered a job in Italy would be good, but I think that the Canada experience will really be fantastic. It's likely that you'll get offered a great job there too.

  2. choose a random number...and count...

    the picture selected when your coundown reach zero is the answer ;-)

    both destinations are good :-D

  3. jessica in rome2:57 PM

    I would recommend staying in a extended stay hotel. When me and the marito went to visit my home town we got a great room for 8 days at only 29 dollars a night. plus they have kitchens with pots and pans, ect. Look some up on hotwire.com. They won't give the name intially but you pick the area and the price and it is the cheapest way to go. If you have q's about Seattle feel free to ask, I am from there!

  4. I've done so much moving that I just love to move. That might not be a good thing, though.

    Personally, between Seattle and Vancouver, I'd be hard pressed to choose one. Why? Because I've not been to neither, which means... I'd love to visit both! :P :D


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