25 novembre 2007

Photo Meme

Jessica in Rome posted this photo meme. I wasn't tagged but I like her idea so much I want to do one myself.

Age at next birthday:

Place I would like to travel:

Two of my favorite places:

Favorite object:

Favorite food:

Favorite animal:

Favorite color:

Where I was born:

Where I am now:

Best friend’s nick-name:

My nick-name:

My bad habit:

My first job:

College major:

Favorite holiday:

My job:

Preferred Hobby:

Plans for tonight:

My wish:

My weakness:


The last thing I bought:

How I think people see me:

How I describe myself:

3 commenti:

  1. jessica in rome2:54 PM

    I love it!! It looks great! Thanks for being inspired :)

  2. amazing!!! :)
    I like it...I will do the same ;-)


  3. So you think people see you as a giant rabbit...lol....very funny


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