28 luglio 2007

Back to Italy

I came back to Italy on the 24th, it was really a quick holiday in Malta to meet some friends. ALitalia lost my bag when flying TO Malta and gave me a hell of a time since I was there to have some social life. I spent a lot of money (aka Waaaaaay Tooooo Muuuuuch) on the first necessities, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, underwears, sleepwear, make up. I spent around €300 in the first 2 days only.

I was abroad and didn't even had a map of the place nor other kind of advice. Islands are expensive, and are even more expensive if their economy rely on tourism and you are a tourist on high season. I asked for a refund today, but I am not optimist about it.
Alitalia is broke, Alitalia is shit and Alitalia is Italian, so has no kind of customer care.

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