02 giugno 2007

Living the business life - part 2 : the meeting

Yesterday a meeting was held at the plant.
It was one of the personell formation kind, with people wearing suit talking s**t.

You have to know that in Italy, after WWII almost everything was public. The train company, the water company, the electricity company, the telephone company,...
Later in the years, since everybody was sucking from them (I mean both the employée and the customers) it was decided to privatize them, following the American model.
The results are bad in 80% of the time, and if you have ever taken a train in Italy you know what I mean. (Or if you have ever tried to get DSL connection)

The plant where I am going everyday was privatized, too. It was bought together with some other plants in Italy by a little company (1250 employées), which is owned the second bigger one in Italy after Enel (which was the public company), which has a strong partecipation of other public and privates companies,....I could go on on endlessy.

If you have ever lived in Italy you know the difference beetwen public and private work. That said, if you read by previous post you will also know that the average employée in this Plant is 55 years old. How can they keep a 8 hrs meeting on a new approach of problem solving technique?

I don't know why I had to attend this meeting, they gave us a tablet and a pencil. We spent the first 4 hrs drawing. My boss drew sharks all the time (I wonder if there is a shrink between my readers...) The boss of the plant (so the boss of my boss), during the coffee break opened my tablet and saw that I didn't take any note.... I had written only "What do we care about THIS?"

I am unlucky, am not?

So during the coffee break he approached me and said that he saw me writing all the time, but didn't found any note on my tablet. He asked if this meeting was of no interest to us (writing the thesis, he meant) and I replied "uh, no...no... it's just that i thought it was more technical.

I mean, 90% of the public were technicians with a high school diploma (at highest) what do they know about Pareto analysis)? And about Gantt diagrams?

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  1. Drew sharks? Does he have an ambition to be a lawyer? :P LOL


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