02 giugno 2007

Living the business life - part 1

My health is getting better and time is running out. That's why I decided to start to go to an Electrical Plant near where I live to write my thesis. I have been there before, because I spent two months there to write my bachelor thesis two years ago. I know at least 1/3 of the personnel and they are (old) nice and friendly. Of course, to run a plant you need experience. But I wonder what's gonna happen in the next 5-7 years when almost everyone will have the age to retire. (Consider that in Italy you get a pension from the Italian State, so nobody works longer than due, except overpaid professionals).

Anyway, I started to go there on the 28th May. I had planned to go there after Easter holidays, but I have been sick since Easter day. I don't know how long I am gonna stay there, all the summer for sure.

This is an old Electrical Plant, built in 1923 and then rebuild bigger in the '60 or '70.
Now they are rewpowering the plant (repowering is a technical word), this means they are building a new part with machines up to date, more powerful than the older, more efficient.
I don't want to bother you with details, just keep in mind that there is this new part of the plant built and which is going to be linked to the old plant in these days.

I live in the offices, of course (I would prefer to stay among the machines, anyway), and I am taking care of the manuals. In the EU there is a directive about machines (which is not a law but a guideline) which force the manufacturer to attach the instruction sheets to the machine sold. Italy has issued a law to absorb this directive, giving the basic contents of each instruction manual. This means: standard conditions of employ (power, voltage, current, etc), weight, manufacturer, repair service, maintenace, schemes, mode of employ, measures, and so on.

I am the one keeping track of the manuals already received and looking if they comply to the law requirements. That said, I must confess it is really a mess.
The manufacturer are not sending the manuals (we have received less than the 10% of the manuals, and the plant should be running by the end of August) and the ones received are really poor and don't include the basic infos required by law. Let's say that 3 out 22 manuals received until now are ok, the remaining 19 were rejected.

That's what I'll look shortly:

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  1. Oh, it certainly *IS* good news to hear that your health is getting better, Paola! :D Yay!

  2. Interesting... didn't know about this law!


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