23 novembre 2006

Why don't they give up?

I am very surprised by some people I meet on the internet. God, there are thousands, millions, tons of users alla around the world and they insist in talking to you.
If you use a chat client, everyay you are contacted by 20 to 50 new people.
It is starting to become really stressing because you have to reply 20 to 50 times per day to the same questions, the so called (by me) shag-indexes:
1) Where do you live?
= can I, with a quick and unexpensive ride, have sex with you?
2) How old are you? = are you old enough to be willing to have sex with me?
3) Do you have a boyfriend/husband? = is there any other problem which can keep me apart from mating with you?

The answer to these questions are public and you can find them in my profile. The average user does not even know that there is such a thing like the profile, the others thinks that you might lie in the profile so it's better to ask you the truth (why shouldn't I lie twice, then?).
Then you have 99% people asking you those f*** questions.

You end up, stressed, refusing to answer them. As in the real life when someone ignores you you understand that he/she does not like you, on the internet they have nothing to lose and keep pushing....
"why don't you reply?"
"why are you online if you don't reply?"
" you bitch!!"
"are you there?"
"listen I am here"
...perhaps you are in hustle and are not ready nor willing to reply in 0.5 sec to their questions, perhaps you just had to run to the bathroom, perhaps you are just tired and don't want to chat with someone that does not strike you...

but they keep talking, asking and answering them-selves. And it is annoying and also stupid, because it does remember of those stalker movies... the more you refuse him, the most obsessive he becomes. Can't you just accept that I might not be interested in you?

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  1. Now, *that* sort of thing is just annoying! You won't find it from me, however. For one thing, I'm too old. Ancient, even! :P LOL Plus, I've already got a lady friend. She's Portuguese and lives in Portugal, and I can't wait to go to Portugal again this coming Spring!

    Reading more of your blog entries and what you say you want to do reminds me of a friend of mine from New Zealand. She's about your age and is now in England because she, too, wants to see the world. However, one difference is that she's studying to be a lawyer. She knows a few langauges, some better than others, and was, the last I knew, learning to speak Italian. :D As for me, I'm learning French and Portuguese.

    I see that you're studying Electrical Engineering. That should be an excellent field to get into. I'm a cellular switching engineer who first learned his trade 20+ years ago in the US Air Force, maintaining and repairing microwave radios and associated equipment.


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