20 novembre 2006


I live in a small town in the north of Italy with around 10.000 inahbitants. It's a healty wealthy area where the town balance is always positive and it is ruled by right-wing conservative party. In fact, at the last local elections there were 6 parties, all of right-winged. Guess who won!
Anyway I am not here to talk about this; I'd like to talk you about our library.
It has recently been moved to a refurbished building because the last building was, indeed, a three room into an ex school building.
I was walking by the new location on last Saturday and I decided to give a look to the new library.

First of all, I didn't have my library card with me. I decided to try anyway and ask the librarian if she could look into the database and she said "we have a database but it's not working". I came home to look for my old library card which is, actually, a scratch of paper of the size of a business card with my name and a code stamped on it, plus the release date and the validity (until 2050).

I came back to the library with my library card, the librarian gave me a paper to fill-in with the name of the books, my name, my data, ...
Of course, since we are in the computer era, I also had to make a carbon copy of what I wrote as my receipt.


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