23 novembre 2006

I have charged myself

Who had read my blog in August knows very well about the little technical difficulties I had there. Well, they're not over. Last night I was lying in bed with my semper fidelis notebook and the plug of the charger broke. Well, it didn't actually broke down, let's say it was starting to. So, instead of buy another expensive charger or to wait five days before the one ordered on eBay arrived, I had the brightest idea of ever. I remembered a shop in the city where they have all the electronic stuffs in details so I bought for €0.75 two plugs.
Before coming to the cheap and smart solution, of course I had to dismantle the old charger with screw and hammer. Hardwork on hardware.

Here's the result:

Toroidal transformer and cylindric condenser (120 microFarad)

Main transformer insulated, little blu ceramic condenser, two green condenser (420 microFarad)

Red fuse and another tranformer

Complete overwiev of the charger

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