15 giugno 2006

The wrong use of the internet

Internet was born as a military communication instrument. Of course, its developmente has bring internet into the houses of millions of people changing the way we learn, we shop, we get informed, we meet, we work,...
But there is a limit.
Internet is the medium and not the target.
This means that internet was not conceived as an evil instrument to manipulate minds, or to change sexual behaviours, or to insult random people...
Internet should affect our lives in a positive way.
One should be stupid if let something uncomfty or dangerous or negative enter to his/her life.
But internet addiction disorder (IAD) is a well known pathology, and we all read the story of mr. nobody who made a bomb with the instruction found on the internet. Or of the two Japanases (father and child) who hired a murder to inheritate money from the granny. Or about the girl who wanted to meet an intriguing chatter who then raped her.
Amongst all these mis-uses there are others who won't kill nobody but can turn your mood badly.
One of my "favourite" is the sexual harrassment. I can't really see why one should spend money and time to say dirty things to anybody.
The first they say is "Are u horny?" "Do you want to have cybersex?" "Do you want to watch my dick cumming?".
I would never spend a single char to post such stupid things.
It is not required to own a computer to masturbate. So why one should hassle the others to ask if they wanna join him? Join what?

Or the people who thinks that messenger tools are made to have fun and spend time when you have nothing better to do? Farther countries such as India and China have a wide use of Messenger, Skype, ICQ to keep in contact with their client.
First of all the chat allows a more informal way to talk than an email, and it is more easy to understand when one of the two (or both) the interlocutors is a non native English speaker. And the major advantage is that it is free.

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